Every passenger except for the children under 2 years old (on international routes) and under 5 years old (on domestic routes) of the INF category shall be entitled to a free luggage allowance according to the prescribed norms. Free luggage allowance shall be set depending on aircraft type, specific route, and service class.

When booking a seat or purchasing a ticket for a flight, the booking agent will inform the passenger of the free luggage allowance and mark it on the ticket.

Passengers traveling on business or discount tickets as well as a child traveling on a child ticket shall be entitled to free luggage allowance as specified on the ticket.

Free luggage allowance shall not apply to the following:   

  • passenger's belongings irrespective of their name and purpose, which dimensions in the packed luggage exceed the dimensions of 50 x 50 x 100cm (for oversized luggage);
  • passenger's belongings irrespective of their name and purpose with the weight of one package exceeding the norm of the established weight of 30 kg;
  • TV, tape recorder, music center with the weight of one package exceeding the norm of hand luggage;
  • flowers, plant seedlings, edible herbs, dried plants, branches of trees, and shrubs with a total weight exceeding the norm of hand luggage;
  • sports equipment;
  • animals (domestic and wild): birds, fish, bees, and other animals, except for a guide dog accompanying a blind/deaf passenger.

Carriage of the above items, plants, and animals shall be charged as excess luggage or at the set tariffs for each category of luggage carried at their actual weight, regardless of the number of other items of the passenger carried as luggage.

In the case of transportation of passengers having a common purpose of travel (confirmed by documents) and traveling together on the same aircraft on the same route to the same destination (delegation, family, tourists, sports, and other teams), upon passengers' request or with their consent a group free luggage allowance shall be provided, calculated on the sum of their individual free luggage allowances. When applying for the group free luggage allowance, all operations related to luggage acceptance and delivery shall be documented through the head of the group (head of the family).