When buying a ticket, carefully consider the departure date and time of your flight, maybe your fare has restrictions on changing...

  • You cannot add a new passenger to an existing booking. You will need to purchase a new ticket, which may have a different booking class, price, and luggage allowance.
  • You can add an infant to your existing booking.
  • You can make a ticket refund or rebook it to another date and time (later or earlier) by paying a penalty fee in addition, and in case of unavailability of a similar fare - appropriate difference to the next available fare. WARNING: Some airline tariffs are not available for refund or change of the departure date.
  • In case of travel of a group of people together for the same purpose (family, tour group) registered by one order, rebooking penalty shall be charged for each passenger, for each flight segment.
  • In case of a change of the date of carriage, retention of special services and seat selection are not guaranteed. Passenger has to re-purchase the service for the changed date.
  • Passenger data must be entered as in the documents. If there is an error in the surname, first name or document number (up to two letters in the surname and first name), an additional fee will be charged for changing the passenger's data in the ticket in accordance with the fare rules. If there are more than two letters in the name, you need to refund  ticket and issue a new ticket with correct data. 
  • - Any changes in passenger's data should be made at the place where ticket was issued. For changes to tickets issued on our website, please contact the airline office